In these stories we will not be waving flags, or glorifying war. We will be paying testimony to those who quietly endured and often lost, on both sides of the conflict...

Version francaise
Deutsche version (in collaboration with students of Anna-Essinger-Gymnasium, Ulm, Buigen-Gymnasium, Herbrechtingen and Ickstatt-Realschule Ingolstadt, Germany), with additional translations by our volunteer Technical Assistant, Katrin Wecker.


Hard times in the 1930s - Fred Taylor describes a life of hunger and poverty
The end of war in Japan, and the occupation - Yoshi describes the years of near-starvation
A worms-eye view of a boarding school - at the age of three Roger Miles describes his life
The Raid on the Cinema, and Buzzbombs over Banstead - John Matthews' stories of near misses
Years of hunger and near-slavery Occupied Belgium. Four stories of a heartbreaking childhood
Hundreds of people, all with yellow stars, - what Ferdinand saw in Hanover's railway sidings
Watching the Battle of Britain, England, September 1940 - Brian gets a ringside seat
The Last Flight with Robi, Belgrade 1941 - Aleks recalls the sad end of a friendship
Recalling 'bliss', Serbia 1942 - winter in our mountain hide-out
Fasting and remembrance, Belgrade - a conversation with a jewish veteran
  Dresden 1945: Escape from the fire-storm, but then the machine-guns -- Angela Gill
Malta's ordeal begins, Carmelina awakens to a world of war
Malta's wartime rationing, - queueing for food
Only 5 children survived, Nada remembers her mother - a teacher
In hiding - in occupied Holland, Clara decides to 'disappear'.
  The End of War, Nandita Sen recalls Calcutta in August 1945
The End of War, Belgrade 1944 - Carmella sees the partisans return to devastation
The War Ends, but then the nightmare begins - Zvonko's Death March
The End of War, Ted demolishes the air-raid shutters and builds a bonfire
The flight from Fortress Stargard, Oscar and his family flee from the advancing armies.
The End of War, but what will the winners do now?, Heinz escapes across the Elbe
The Sack of Coffee-beans, one family's story of hardship
Crossing the broken bridge, escaping to safety with only hours to spare
Teatime for Tommy on a typical day in 1942, the London Schoolboy
How many died?, the London Schoolboy answers Chaska High School
Coping with discrimination under the Nazi regime, Lotte, the Vienna Schoolgirl
Growing up with the Russian occupation, the Vienna Schoolboy
With no memories of Mother or Father, the lost child from Siberia
The 3-month long walk from Burma to Northern India. -- Mrs Jagjit Kohli.
A 'doodlebug' hits a school and the Canadian Army helps, by Margaret Auckland.
The Hunger Years, -- Ingeborg Faust
Lithuania under the occupation, Daina Maslaiskaute's grandmother's story
The British Army marches in, -- Werner Toporski
The German occupation of Jersey in the Channel Islands, the Jersey Schoolboy
Pom pom guns and scarlet fever, -- John Richardson
Buzz-bombs and doodle-bugs, by Bernard Bergonzi
  The liberation of Belgium by the Canadian Army, -- Dr. Hubert Christiaen.
His father shot, his mother sent to Auschwitz, the Warsaw Schoolboy
A child alive among the corpses, Paola Cecchi tells the story of her father's amazing escape
From Poland to our Siberian exile, -- Romuald Lipinski
Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, Susan's story of Nuremberg's episode of Nazi brutality
A German Jewish Schoolboy, Peter leaves Munich for ever.
The Imprisoned American Schoolboy, -- Arthur D. Jacobs
I survive the fire-bombing of Dresden, -- Lothar Metzger
Love is to send away, -- a German evacuee, Geseke's story
After the Hamburg fire-storm, -- Geseke's story
The enemy alien camp on the Isle of Man, -- Ellen's story
War games under the occupation, and then the brutal reality, the Dutch Schoolboy
My Mother takes on the War Office, -- Mara's story
A peace party in Essex, 1945, -- Al Smith's story
Bombers over Bristol -- Kate's story
A miraculous escape -- Sheila's story of a 'direct hit'
Stolen fruit -- Pamela's stories of a London childhood
A Village Childhood -- Slovakia during the German occupation
   A letter to Hans, Heidi recalls the bombing of Leipzig
   Leipzig 1953: the workers' strike that failed, Heidi remembers the Soviet tanks
The Mickey-mouse gas-mask -- privilege and privation at a boarding school
   A Canadian teenager in Germany -- Ruth's post-war schooling
   The occupation of Groningen -- Jan Palmans and his brothers
   Liberated by the Canadians, but only just in time -- Olga Gerbers story
   Ascot Priory: Duck eggs and goat's milk, a little girl's memory of post-war peace-time
   I am evacuated to America -- Marion's convoy was caught by U-boats, but her ship survived.

In uniform

Helping a war-torn Europe to recover, the Canadian Air Force Officer
Made to fight for the Nazis, surviving the 'Death March', the Croatian Soldier
With the German Army in Norway, Andreas Hubel's grandfather's story
Keeping in touch with our agents abroad - Barbara's wartime work in 'Special Operations'.
Escorting children from the dangers of 'the blitz', by Mary Langland
An Air Raid Warden in Coventry, by Mary Richardson

Victims of war

16 years of hell - a slave labourer in Germany, and then a Siberian Gulag, by Zosia
Living through the hell of Auschwitz, by Janina Parafjanowicz
Deported as a slave-labourer at age 14, by Feliks Chustecki
A Slovak slave-labourer in Germany -- Markus describes his life

The Home front

Starting work on her 14th birthday, and living in wartime London, by Dot Baker
The hunger years in postwar Germany, by Ingeburg Faust
A conscientious objection to war, by Arthur Pay
The extraordinary occupation of France, by Helene Delattre
Paris during the war, three stories by Violette Wassem
Bombed-out in the London blitz, by Kath Brockington
Ruby's unexploded bomb, by Rosa Newby
The Americans arrive to occupy us, Monika Beck's great-grandmother's story

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