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There was chaos in the Polish Corps after the War… it was difficult to drop all the hopes and dreams... reality set in that Poland was to be a puppet state of Russia…. There was despair, simply despair….100,000 people under arms, hardened combat soldiers… some people didn’t know what to do with themselves… the upper ranks were telling us to stay in the ranks as there would be war with Russia and that we’d be marching in the Victory Parade in Warszawa… some people committed suicide.”

The Polish Gimnazjum in Teheran, Iran, in 1942. the original version can be found at Submitted by Mr. Romuald Lipinski of Virginia, USA. Mr. Lipinski was born in BrzeϾ, Poland, deported to Russia in 1941, went to school in Iran and then joined the Polish Army. He was in Italy from 1943-46, 1946-51 in England and then emigrated to the USA in 1951.


Romuald Lipinski
19th April, 1998

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