Memories of the last century


"Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana

Many of the young people who lived during World War Two are still alive. Time has healed the wounds on both sides, but some of those survivors want to be sure that the lessons of the past will be learned by a new generation.

We invite you to share these extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Schools may download them and use them as source material in classroom discussions about the events of those years.

The project started in January 1994 and will continue until it no longer serves its purpose.

We would also like children everywhere to ask Senior Citizens who were alive during those years to tell their impressions and experiences and for students to send them to our discussion list. For further information please write to me, Tom Holloway




Tom's wartime ration book
The panel is often asked to provide information about wartime rations and recipes in Britain.

You will find some recipes here, but remember that food rationing during the war was designed to give us a much healthier diet than we now have -- you can click here or on the Ration Book (right) to find out more about that.

Remember also, that many millions of others suffered real starvation and hardship and so you will also find information about rations in Slave Labour camps and other extremes of hardship.

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